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fandom_rocks's Journal

Fandom Rocks
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Supernatural fan-created campaign w/ the single intent to raise funds for charities around the world

Fandom Rocks is a fan-run initiative to raise funds and awareness for charities around the globe.

Inspired by similar campaigns in the Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Veronica Mars fandoms and brought together by the CW's Supernatural, fans of the show are asking you to join them in supporting the charities of the season.

The charities are selected and voted on by the fans and every six months two new charities will receive the donations that are collected through the Fandom Rocks website.

We are all very excited at the prospect of working together to give to these causes. We hope you will join us and participate!


The two charities we are currently working with:

HSUS Investigations Fund: Donations to the Investigations Fund are used to:

* Provide investigators the latest technology in surveillance equipment, evidence documentation, and research tools.
* Give investigators the capability to travel domestically and internationally during investigations.
* Hire additional trained investigators.
* Outfit those investigators with the training and field support they need to document animal abuse in a variety of situations.
* Allow investigators to access, document, and expose egregious cruelties found in industries and underground activities such as the fur industry, animal fighting pits, factory farms, and puppy mills.

Every year, millions of animals suffer, out of sight and out of mind from the public. You can put a dedicated, powerful team of investigators on their side with your gift to the Investigations Fund.

Children for Tomorrow: Children for Tomorrow is a non-profit foundation with the goal of supporting and initiating projects that provide assistance to children and families who have become victims of war, persecution, and violence.

We will be working together with the above two charities until February 28, 2009! After February 28 we will begin working with two new charities. Be sure to visit the web site in January for charity nominations and voting!


The two charities from the first campaign:

Lawrence Community Shelter: The mission of the Lawrence Community Shelter is to provide safe shelter and comprehensive support services and programs that provide a path to a positive future for people experiencing homelessness and people who are at risk of homelessness. The Lawrence Community Shelter was chosen as one of our first charities because of their service to the community of Lawrence, Kansas, the hometown of our very own Winchester family!

SOS Children's Villages: SOS Children's Villages is an independent, non-governmental and social development organization, which has been active in the field of children's needs, concerns and rights since 1949. It's activities focus on neglected and abandoned children and orphans, as well as disadvantaged families. SOS Children's Villages carries out its activities in 132 countries and territories and makes it possible for children to be part of a family once again by providing family-based care.

The first campaign ran from June 15 until September 1, 2007 and raised $2,046.11! An anonymous donation to the shelter the first week of September raised the total to $2,446.11. Thank you for making the first campaign a success!

The two charities from the second campaign:

Lawrence Humane Society: The Lawrence Humane Society is located in Lawrence, Kansas. Their mission statement states:

* The Lawrence Humane Society acts as advocates for animals.
* We believe in the value of humane attitudes toward all living creatures.
* We shelter stray, orphaned, and unwanted animals in our community.
* We strive to place all animals in responsible, permanent homes.
* We work to reduce births of unwanted pets, to eliminate cruelty and neglect, and to promote kindness toward all animals.
* We educate our community and assist in the enactment and enforcement of laws relating to humane care of animals.

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund: The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides financial assistance to:

* Marines and Sailors injured in combat and in training
* Other service members injured while in direct support of Marine units
* Their families to help defray the expenses incurred during hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and recovery.

This assistance is in the form of a grant with no expectation of repayment. Grants may help with immediate financial needs such as travel, childcare, lodging or problems resulting from lost family wages. Assistance is also given for long term needs such as modified homes and vans.

“Our goal is to alleviate the financial burden placed on the family so that their focus can be on their loved one’s recovery.”

The second campaign ran from September 1, 2007 until February 29, 2008 and raised $2,350.00!

The two charities from the third campaign:

WriteGirl: WriteGirl is located in Los Angeles, California. Created in 2001, they strive each year to achieve their mission - “within a community of women writers, WriteGirl promotes creativity and self-expression to empower girls.” WriteGirl’s extensive goals include:

* To introduce girls to a wide variety of writing genres;
* To teach a robust set of writing and critical analysis skills;
* To encourage girls to explore and develop their creative talents, both written and oral;
* To nurture girls and promote healthy behaviors and life choices through positive mentoring relationships with women writers;
* To assist girls in preparing for college;
* To inspire girls to pursue careers in writing, such as journalism, public relations, screenwriting, songwriting, corporate communications, publishing, website content producing, editing or creative writing;
* To equip girls with communication tools to confidently navigate the challenges they face; and
* To produce a full slate of program activities throughout the year so that we may serve as many girls as possible.

Invisible Children: Invisible Children has staff in the United States and Uganda. Their mission is to “use the power of stories to change lives around the world.” The programs developed by Invisible Children address the need for:

* quality education,
* mentorships,
* the redevelopment of schools,
* resettlement from the camps,
* and financial stability.

The third campaign ran from March 1, 2008 until August 31, 2008 and raised $9,000.00!


Please visit us at the following sites:

Fandom Rocks website: All updates and information can be found here and please register and join us in the forum!
Fandom Rocks Store: T-shirts, tank tops, magnets, stickers and more! All profits from store sales will go to the chosen charities.

Or find us at the following locations:

Fandom Rocks on Myspace
Fandom Rocks on Facebook


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