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Wrap It Up

Hello, Hello.

I bring happy and sad tidings. In just a few weeks, we will officially dissolve the non-profit corporation we created for Fandom Rocks. However, in that same time frame we will make our final donation to the charities you selected. So far, everyone out there has helped raise $3,000 USD. Can we add some on top of that to make the donations, say, an even $2,000 for each charity?

All of the receipts from our auction!
Check out all of the receipts from our auction! The auction was a huge part of the success of the fifth campaign.

To try to make that happen, we are offering that remaining auction items that were not won or paid for, plus a couple of DVDs a fan generously contributed to the cause.

For every $10 you donate between now and February 14, you will receive one entry in a random drawing to win your choice of the three sets of prizes pictured below.

  • Donate $10 = 1 entry
  • Donate $20 = 2 entries
  • Donate $50 and we will give you an extra entry! $50 = 6 entries!

And so on. Thank you for your support for the last few years. I am very proud we lasted this long and came together as a fandom to help a number of charities.

Please help us one last time to make the last campaign for Fandom Rocks a success!

Prize sets in here!Collapse )

Campaign Five Update!

Sorry for the long silence! The good news is the auction helped raise the campaign total to $3,000 USD!

If you hadn't guessed, we are extending Campaign Five into Season Five! This means we have all season to increase the donation we are going to make in honor of Kim Manners! (And to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.)

To do this, we need your help!

PLEASE let people know about the campaign. We will have some random prize drawings for donations in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for that!

If you have ideas for bringing new people into the Fandom Rocks world, share them with us! This may very well be our last campaign, and we want to go out with a bang (not a whimper) if it is!

Spread the word!


Wrapping up the Auction

I am slowly but surely wrapping up the auction. I have about 10 things left to ship, awaiting payments for a couple, etc. If you need an invoice, and I haven't sent one through eBay, let me know. Sometimes it is hard to tell if I have sent one or not, and with almost 100 listings total, my brain is a little rubbery at the moment. I am just pleased I managed to not ship one of my cats to you guys by mistake. ;-)

Thank you for a successful auction! I will report back with totals soon and a decision on extending this campaign into Season 5.

Last Chance at the Auction!

The Fandom Rocks auction ends today! Only minutes left for some items! http://tinyurl.com/no558c

Please check out our listings ... we might even make it to $3000 USD thanks to everyone who is bidding!!!

Just a friendly heads-up

I just received a call from the winner of the autographed "A Few Good Men" script book, and it is very worrisome.

She has been emailed by a third party claiming to be Fandom Rocks and reporting she needed to pay for the auction via Western Union. This is a clear case of phishing/spoofing. The auction closed and was paid for (and cleared Paypal) right away. She and I both will be reporting the fraudulent email to eBay and Paypal.

Please exercise caution if you receive any emails about auction payments claiming to be from Fandom Rocks.

I only send invoices if the winner requests it. We are only accepting Paypal unless someone contacts us requesting to make a payment via check or money order. When in doubt contact us. You can always reach someone by commenting here, on the web site, or by phone if needed.

Thanks and be safe out there in the technology-laden society we all share!



I just wanted to post a HUGE thank you to all of the fans who have made this year's auction a success.

1. To those who donated items - thank you! Our fan created and donated items were the biggest hits this year. Without you, the auction would have been much smaller. =)
2. To those who have been bidding - thank you! Without you, the auction would not have thrived like it did.
3. To those who spread the word - thank you! Without you, it would have been up to me to tell everyone about it. ;-)

Since July 1, 2009 we have listed 76 items which sold and have our final 17 items online now. Not only am I thankful for your participation in the auction, but I am SUPER grateful for your patience and understanding when it comes to the management of the auction. With the exception of a handful of items, all of the photos, listings, packing, labeling, shipping, etc. has been done by me, myself, and I out of a spare room in my house when I am not working full-time and being a mom. ;-)

For my part, when I cannot pay for the shipping via Paypal**, I have covered shipping costs at the post office in person. Sometimes shipping costs more than eBay estimated*** and sometimes it costs less, but the end result is our charities will receive an awesome donation thanks to all of you. I am even entertaining the hope that we will reach close to $2500 USD total.

That. Is. Awesome.

So thank you!

This is the last week - feel free to spread the word one more time. =)

**Paypal only allows USPS Express Mail and USPS Priority Mail for international packages and select services for Domestic as well. I would estimate 15-20% of the auction items could not have shipping paid via Paypal so far.

***Note to self: Large Flat Rate box to France? $54, not $25.

Campaign Five Question

Putting out a query regarding a change we have been discussing ...

What are your thoughts to extending Campaign Five through Season Five?

If we went by our initial setup, Campaign Five would end on August 31, 2009. However, we are thinking of extending it through the end of Season Five.

Our thoughts leading us to this choice ...

1. If this is the last season of Supernatural, this may be the last campaign by Fandom Rocks in the name of Supernatural fans.
2. Given we would like to make the donation in honor of Kim Manners, it would be nice if it were a fairly sizable donation.

Any objections, comments, concerns?


If you've missed the last few auction rounds, you've missed some pretty awesome items. Have no fear! We have two more weeks of items left!

This week's items started this morning, and we have some Christian Kane autographed t-shirts, an autographed Lucy Lawless as Xena photograph, and (oh yeah) an awesome autographed script book for "A Few Good Men." Yes, it is signed by both Jensen Ackles and Lou Diamond Phillips, amongst others.

These are just three of the thirteen nifty items helping us raise money for the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention this week.

Won't you help us reach our goal of $2,000 USD?

We need your help!

Can you help?

The second week of the auction is coming to a close, and we need your help!

We have some very cool items that are getting little attention. We have two VERY worthy charities, and so far a very small amount raised for them.

Please spread the word!

If you don't see something you like at the auction, we are still taking regular, old donations at the web site!

Auction: http://myworld.ebay.com/fandomrocks
Donate: http://fandom-rocks.com/donate

Organizational Update

Given the decline in activity for Fandom Rocks and the potential last season of the show, please keep your eye out for some changes to Fandom Rocks being announced around August. Thanks.

Only 3 Hours to Go!

Dean wants to know if you are suited up for the 2nd Fandom Rocks Auction? Only THREE HOURS until the first listings go live!


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